Treating Them Right: Escorts

Escorts are people who are actually always facing a lot of stigma because of their profession. People usually misunderstand escorts and think they are prostitutes. They don’t know that nothing could be further from the truth. Escorts are individuals who have chosen to sell their time in exchange for money, and that is about it. Not all escorts are sex workers. Some escorts only spend time with you and provide companionship, and that is what they are paid for. Escorting should not be stigmatized; it should not be looked down upon; it should be treated as a legitimate profession. In this guide, I will talk about how you should behave with an escort. I will also list out what you should and should not do.

–    You should make sure that you talk to them as you would talk to a friend the first time you speak on the phone.

–    You should never be late, being early is certainly the preferred thing to do as it shows that you have an interest in meeting them and that you really want to be there.

–    It also shows that you respect their time and that you have respect for what they do.

–    When you show up, make sure that you smell good and that you dress well. When you meet, you should greet them well and in a happy way with a good smile on your face.

–    Escorts like it when they are treated in a good way because they get some bad clients who may treat them badly sometimes.

–    It would prove to be good if you buy the escort some chocolates or some flowers when you meet them.

–    A smile and probably a good hug would show them that you like them and that you don’t just care about their appearance and that you also care about them as a person.

–    You should never talk to them about how much money they make unless they are comfortable talking about that topic.

–    You should also never ask them about their personal matters unless they bring them up on their own.

–    You can actually speak to them about something that is troubling you, and they will try and help you to the best of their abilities.

–    Leave the discussed amount of money in the bathroom and then tell them that there is a “gift” for them and that they should go and collect it.

–    Never refer to it as payment or any kind of a fee because that may get you into trouble, if it is a sting operation.

–    It is always better if you include a tip in the “fee.”